10 Sites Anyone New to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Should Visit

10 Sites Anyone New to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Should Visit

No way around it, getting started in BJJ tests the will of even the most experienced athlete. One of the greatest motivators in the practice though, is the community–a community that boasts some amazing online resources. Here are 10 (+1) of the best…


BJJHeroes: BJJ is still very much a niche sport, and the stars come and go, so our pyramid of popularity is very flat. If you ever hear someone in your gym mention that guy with the killer lapel guard that you should totally already know about, this is a good place to get some background info.

Breaking Muscle: This site is dedicated to athletes of all persuasions, but they feature some of the most skilled and insightful writers that BJJ has to offer. You’ll find articles dedicated to new competitors, choosing a new academy, workout tips and even celebrity grappler lists.

OpenMatRadio: One of the greatest things about BJJ is the fact that you have access to so many of the stars—and thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can also get a peek into their lives and perspectives on all sorts of random topics. If you’re a fan of longer podcasts (like I am), you’ll love these, with many cracking an hour and some series reaching well past two in their entirety.

SlideyFoot: If you like detail, you’ll love this one. Can, a purple belt in the UK, keeps meticulous records of pretty much anything you can think of…just check out his list of resources, blogs and his personal training journal. The site also boasts a solid (and probably one of the least biased) histories of BJJ on the net. The best area for beginners though, is the FAQ, covering, pretty much anything you could wonder about as someone new to the practice of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Stuart Cooper: BJJ isn’t the flashiest or prettiest martial art, but it’s definitely one of the most beautiful. Another practitioner from the UK, Cooper has an amazing ability to capture the serenity, intensity and emotional rawness of the gentle art in every film.

GiFreak: Shameless plug for our sister site. The world of BJJ can be daunting and this site makes it easier to sort through the weaves, cuts and wide range of prices that the tool of the art comes in. Check out the review section to sort through the massive world of gi reviews or the GiSearch tool to find a great gi for your personal tastes.

IBJJF: Jiu jitsu doesn’t have a governing body, but if you compete, or like watching competitions, it pays to at least be familiar with IBJJF rules. You can also keep up with what competitions are coming to your area.

Grapplearts: Stephan Kesting has a unique ability to present the oft-intimidating BJJ in a way that’s palatable to beginners. The site has a lot going on (and a lot of stuff for sale), but the section for beginners is very useful if you’re just getting going.

Meerkatsu: Seymour’s work is an embodiment of what aesthetic in BJJ means. Sino-Japanese styling merges with anthropomorphized animals to bring you street and training wear you’d be proud to sport in and outside the gym

GrapplerGourmet: A relatively new entry to the online world of BJJ, CIA trained chef, MacKenzie Arrington takes a pun-tastic approach to the world of food and BJJ. You’ll be treated to reviews of canned tuna, DIY tips (like making your own pickles) recipes, and advice on things like cooking with protein powders …easy, fool-proof instructional material indeed.

Bonus: JiuJitsuFamily: One of the most amazing things you’ll see in your practice of BJJ is the way it brings families together. Jen, Tom, Logan and Hunter walk you through the challenges of being a household full of athletes and balancing schedules when everyone is trying to make it to class.

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  1. Brendan
    May 29, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Whew! For a second I thought there wasn’t going to be any Meerkatsu on this list. I approve now.

    P.S. Grappler Gourmet is the coolest BJJ site I’ve seen lately. Love it!

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