Grappler Gourmet-DIY Dried Fruits

Grappler Gourmet-DIY Dried Fruits
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This time of year, unless you are in the lucky states that only have two seasons, marks the start of delicious fruit, berry and vegetable seasons. With these seasons upon us we must be prepared to really capitalize on getting the most out of it. I don’t mean just in the moment either, think of setting up submissions, do you really expect the first one you try will work? No, you use it to set up the next move, worse case scenario, you get the benefits right away but I like to always be thinking 10 steps ahead. Thus getting ready for all these fresh produce, I am planning on enjoying them year round by making my own dried fruits, berries and vegetables.

Why make your own dried fruit?

The art of drying fruit is a fantastic practice that has been around for longer than most of the things around you currently besides water and air. This day in ages everything store bought costs and arm and a leg and are really packed with a ton of artificial sugars. We already lack in our fruits and vegetable consumption on a daily basis and are usually over board on sugars. Why not take a minute and learn how to make a much healthier and more beneficial dried fruit product right in our own home. I mean we devote so much time to jiu jitsu, let’s take a step back again and pay homage to a truly ancient technique that has proven to not just be a passing fad.

With the process being so old you can imagine all of the ways it can be done. They range from natural methods of just using a hot sunny day to expensive and super high tech dehydrators that will run you quiet a bit of money. We don’t always have sunny days, or do not have access to an area that doesn’t have birds that will come eat our fruit. But one thing the majority of us have is an oven. This is the primary method I will be focusing on.

What happens when we dry fruit?

Drying of fruit is in essence the slow dehydration of a fruit or vegetable. Think of your skin after a long couple hours of hard training, it gets wrinkly and dried out looking, why is that do you think? Because we are working out for extended periods of time in a hot room and loosing moisture. Well drying fruits take that same approach and replaces you and your training partners with fruits and the gym with a oven set between 130-200 degrees F. Average is 170 degrees.

Read more on the nutrition and benefits of dried fruits, as well as how to make your own, here at

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