Instructors Only: Motivating BJJ Students

Most teachers have a decent degree of homogeneity in their classes…similar ages, academic goals, incoming skill levels. Adult classes in BJJ generally feature a wide mix of those qualities, making guiding groups of students that much more complicated. The instructors in our Facebook group had some suggestions that were universal in motivating BJJ students…

  • …knowing that their part of the team.
  • …an enthusiastic teacher.
  • …reminding them that their goals are their own.

Being a “non-traditional” student myself, I often sit back and wonder what I can do to structure my progress and keep myself going through training slumps. While something as structured as this plan might not resonate with every student, I can’t help but think that even loose, individualized plans, especially those involving instructor input, would be a huge help in keeping students prioritizing their training and feeling that they’re making progress.

BJJ instructors, have you ever tried personalized goal setting plans? Would you be willing to try checking in on students if it changed the way they felt about training?

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  1. Jiu Jiu
    January 31, 2014 at 12:21 am

    I’m not a jiu jitsu instructor, but I am a language instructor. I wish that once or twice per year instructors would have meetings with their students and talk about the biggest areas that the student should focus on – or what they need to do to make breakthroughs in their training. Heck – it could even be built into the pricing structure – pay for 6 months up front, get 1 consultation. I know that would feel very valuable for me.

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