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Of all the things I’ve tried, training BJJ has probably been the most effective long term in revamping my eating habits. Working a stressful office job, it’s left me a bit polarized (eating right for lunch is ROUGH), but knowing I have to show up at the gym and function is a great incentive to do what I need to.

My biggest issue? Vegetables. I’m just not naturally drawn to them. I partially blame my family’s Southern influences…vegetables are drowned in meat reductions or heavy sauces. Fruits are baked into pies and sugary sides…so a quest to eat a more heavily plant based diet is an ongoing challenge to reform my taste buds. I’ve effectively taught myself to appreciate bitterness as a compliment to the sweet/salty/savoury/sour/umami? spectrum, but I have a long way to go.

So…in my love of trying obscure food at the grocery store, I picked these up.

As described on the bag, “Tasty baked lightly salted snappea crisps have less fat, more fiber, and low sodium”

They’re basically crispy, rice coated peas that taste like they’re fried in corn oil. The crunch is loud enough to drown out background noise while you’re eating , and the flavor is briefly salty, transitioning into an earthy/nutty flavor. At just under $2 for 3.5 servings (they’ll probably last me more)it’s a reliable snack. Nutrition info below.

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