Business Services

Strategy is important when you train. The same thing goes for your business.

Whether you’re running an academy, a gi company or any other business, we want you to be successful–healthier business in BJJ make for a better community and better practitioners. Check out our services below, and see how we can use our business strategy background and experience in making marketable content to help you and your bottom line.


The Internet has officially entered the age of Content Marketing. You can bring in a few dollars with affiliate links and ads, but in a niche like BJJ where the potential audience is small (too small to build decent revenue off ads alone), you need pieces of content that go beyond SEO and that brings them information they actually WANT to read.  We’re here to show you how, or do it for you. Options starting as low as $50. Contact us and we can help you get started.  Check out our work here or on other sites for examples. 


BJJ is a laid-back art, and even though you don’t want your website sounding like a dissertation, errors can be confusing to your potential customers and cost you sales. We’ll review your site for flow and areas that might be costing you income. Send us your site address now and we’ll send you a free quote.


A successful BJJ business comes about as a combination of multiple factors, and one of the biggest of those is your branding. If you’ve already launched your gym or business, and want input and suggestions on what can be improved, this is the option for you. Prices start at $99–contact us to find an option that will work for you. In the meantime, take a look at our Branding Series for some insight into other brands in the industry.