Free BJJ Business Resources

Business in BJJ is about more than making money–it’s the force that moves the spread of the art we all love across the world. Check back frequently below for resources we think you’ll find helpful as you market your products and your academy to people who can benefit from training Brazilian jiu jitsu.


Does viral marketing matter?

Content Theft in BJJ

Free Counseling for Entrepreneurs

What kind of instructor are you? (Teachers, Competitors and Economic Success)


BJJ Friendly SEO: There are ways to market your blog and products online that aren’t spammy and don’t prey on people emotional connection to the gentle art. Check out this post for some tips on SEO tactics that are beneficial to the BJJ community.

Advice For Gym Owners: Did you know that Keenan Cornelius’ dad knows martial arts? Not only that, but he’s run financially successful, community-focused gyms for decades. The best part? He’s open to sharing his advice with you, so join in the free call on Mondays to get some (sales free) insight on what it takes to build a martial arts academy that benefits both you, and your students. (Archives of older calls available.)


5 Simple Steps to Start (or improve) Your Business Blog Today: You really do need a blog…they’re part of your brand and, if done well, will bring you additional customers and income. Sign up for this short course to lay the foundation for a productive blog. (Even if you already have an existing blog, you’ll likely get some benefit.)


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